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How to Improve Your Aim in CS2?

Having a grasp of any game’s mechanics always gives you the ability to maximize your potential, and helps you excel at climbing the ladders better. Counter-strike has no doubt been one of the toughest games with CS2 being no exception. So if you are just starting out playing CS2, then you probably aren’t the one leaving gunfights alive. 

Spray and pray

You probably lost the last gunfight because of spraying or bad timing or even being under-prepared / warmed up. But don’t worry, a lot of good players begin off this way. The game in itself has a steep learning curve, but with just enough dedication and hours of practice, you will get better at the game faster than you imagined. 

Here we’ve got you covered with all the ways to improve your aim in Counter-Strike 2 which will, eventually help you climb the ladders and rank up in the game. 

Sensitivity issues

No, we aren’t talking about your girlfriend who’s mad at you for no reason. Finding the perfect sensitivity is one of the first steps in the right direction that will help you lock on to heads more efficiently, which if you’ve not figured out by now – is the best way to win gun fights faster. 

So what is sensitivity? It’s the amount of movement your character moves in-game, on the screen in proportion to the movement of your mouse. Lower sensitivity means more accurate micro-adjustments to hit heads & on the flip side higher means covering more area, getting those videos worth flickshots. Whichever suits you more, make sure to give it some practice hours and watch your muscle memory help you get better at the game in no time.

cs2 left hand

Don’t look at their knees

Just please don’t. Cross hair placement is one of the easiest to improve areas which will go a long way when playing actual matches. Once you find the perfect sensitivity that suits your playstyle, moving around the map as a “knee hunter” will only be at a disadvantage, making it harder to flick or react to enemies who pop up in the frame of view.

One way to get better at this is more warmup and practice where a lot of practice levels have bots roaming around that help you place your crosshair at head level at different spots in different maps. This even helps you headshot your enemies faster, which again like you guessed, helps you climb the ladder faster. 

Angles and pre-firing

Even seen a pro match where you were astonished at how a pro player was looking onto an empty spot for a while and when you were just about to get up to grab water – saw another opponent walk right into their crosshair to die a stupid death? That right about sums it up. When at the lower rungs of the ladder, learning which angle to peek and which ones to hold is key. 

If you expect an enemy to rush down at a spot, using a blend of crosshair placement and patience – quite literally the key, helps you to just tap at their heads once they are in your crosshairs, giving you the innate advantage of not having to react. 

Watch videos like these to get a better idea of what we’re talking about. 

Trigger discipline 

Tapping and spraying are two styles of shooting in the game, albeit the second one is widely memed upon. Tapping is hands down THE best habit to build, for new players to get better at aiming. 

Recoil is a concept that stops all of your ammunition from hitting a target at long-range gunfights, and especially gets worse as it is a cumulative effect that adds up to the displacement of your barrel from where you started, the longer you hold the trigger.

Plus the added benefit of ammo management and fewer reloads, gives you the sheer disadvantage of having to look at your player model and do the slow reload animation during an intense gunfight.

Last, but not least – know the maps

Map knowledge is just as important as good aim if you want to elevate your gameplay to the next level. Knowing where the spots from where enemies can peek will allow you to be ready for engagements and also hold angles better. Pre-firing, angle holdings, and strafing properly all help be more stable, hence ending up improving your gun engagements.

The best way to learn new maps is to enter a custom lobby and take your time to explore the map and take in all of the spots you feel comfortable in. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such interesting guides and all things esports! Stay tuned to Talkesport for more things CS2.

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