How to get the Black Panther Wakandan Salute emote in Fortnite

Here’s how you can get yourself the Black Panther Wakandan Salute emote in Fortnite.

black panther wakandan
Image via Epic Games

It was revealed by Epic a few days ago that Fortnite would continue their collaboration with Marvel to bring three new superhero skins to the battle royale including Taskmaster, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther.

While none of the above-mentioned skins are available in the store as of yet, Epic Games have revealed a series of Black Panther quests that Fortnite players can accomplish to obtain a Wakandan Salute emote as a reward.

How to unlock Wakanda Salute emote

To unlock the new Wakanda Salute emote for free, players have to complete three quests before January 12, 2021.

Here are the three quests that you need to complete in order to unlock the emote:

  • Play Matches: You need to complete 10 matches in Battle Royale mode.
  • Outlast Opponents: You need to survive against 500 enemies.
  • Play Duo or Squad matches: You need to play five matches in Duo or Squad modes.

Once you’re done completing these quests, you’ll get the Wakanda Salute emote for free.

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