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How To Get Ranked in CS2: Counter-Strike 2 Ranking System Explained

It has been a while since Counter-Strike 2 was first released to a global audience in September 2023, and a few months have passed since then. However, lots of players still seem to be unaware of the game’s ranking system and are constantly looking for ways how to get ranked in CS2.

Whether you’re a new CS2 player seeking information on how to get ranked in Counter-Strike 2 or a veteran interested in the finer details of the shooter’s rating system, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we take a look at everything you need to know about the CS2 ranking system and explain to you all the current ranked divisions in the game.

CS2 Ranking System Explained

In the previous iteration of CS2, which was known as CS:GO, the ranking system featured several ‘Rank Groups’ from Silver to Global Elite. However, with the release of Counter-Strike 2, a new form of ranking was introduced to the game ‘CS Rating’ game. The CS Rating of any individual player is represented with a number greater than 1,000 and can only be impacted by playing matches on the ‘Premier’ game mode.

The ‘Competitive’ game mode in CS2 still uses the ranking system from CS:GO, but the skill groups are now calculated per-map. For instance, a player can be a Global Elite on Mirage and a Gold Nova on Dust 2 at the same time.

The usual CS Rating of a player in CS2 ranges anywhere between 1,000 and 30,000+. Players can improve their CS Rating by participating in Premier matches. Winning Premier games will gain you additional ratings and help you climb up the leaderboards, while losing games will decrease your rating.

How To Get Ranked in CS2

Getting ranked in CS2 is extremely easy and players only have to play a few Premier games to see their initial CS Rating.

Note that Prime status needs to be purchased from the Steam Store first to be eligible to play the Premier or Competitive modes in CS2.

Once you have the Prime status in CS2, win 10 games of Premier to get your CS Rating. If you’re looking to get a skill group in a specific map, select that map from the ‘Competitive’ tab and get 10 wins to get your first rank.

CS Rating and Their CS:GO Rank Equivalent

Typically, new players are placed anywhere between 1,000 and 10,000 CS Rating when they finish their placement games. In case you’re curious to find out how you compare to the ranking system of CS:GO, look no further.

Below, we have included a table listing the different CS Rating brackets in CS2 and their CS:GO rank equivalents.

5,000-9,999Light BlueGold Nova
10,000-14,999BlueMG – MGE
15,000-19,999PurpleLE – LEM
20,000-24,999PinkSupreme – Global Elit
25,000-29,999RedGlobal Elite
30,000+RedGlobal Elite
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