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Genshin Impact Quicken Reaction: Explained

If you’re looking to enhance your combat proficiency and optimize your damage output in Genshin Impact, prioritizing the understanding of elemental reactions should be your top priority. These reactions can serve as a swift means of inflicting substantial amounts of damage to your opponents and are crucial to execute properly to take down stronger enemies.

There are several interesting reactions in Genshin Impact, but almost none of them are considered as complex as the Quicken reaction in the game. In case you’re unaware of what a reaction is, Genshin Impact features seven distinctive elements: Anemo, Geo, Electro, Dendro, Hydro, Pyro, and Cryo. Combining these elements creates synergies that yield new effects, allowing players to deal a hefty amount of damage to their opponents. This process is commonly referred to as reactions.

Genshin Impact Quicken Reaction Guide

So what’s the Quicken reaction in Genshin Impact?

The Quicken reaction is a relatively recent addition to the open-world RPG, introduced in August 2022. Usually, Genshin Impact reactions are quite easy to execute, even the strong ones. However, the Quicken reaction is a complex reaction that beginners might find themselves struggling to perform.

Quicken stands out as a particularly unique buff, residing within the broader elemental reaction category known as Catalyze. Within this framework, Quicken is accompanied by two smaller elemental reactions—Spread and Aggravate.

How To Trigger Quicken Reaction in Genshin Impact

Quicken can be activated either by applying Dendro to a target already affected by Electro or by inflicting Electro on a target already under the influence of Dendro.

While Quicken itself doesn’t deal any damage, it applies the Quicken Aura to the affected target. This Quicken aura gradually decays over time, and players can take advantage of its active state to initiate the secondary Catalyze elemental reactions.

After activating the Quicken aura, players have the option to either apply additional Dendro to initiate Spread or inflict Electro to trigger Aggravate.

These reactions won’t consume the Quicken aura, but it will gradually decay over time. However, if a Hydro or Pyro attack is inflicted on the target, the Quicken aura is consumed and Bloom or Burning is triggered.

That’s everything you need to know about the Quicken Aura in Genshin Impact.

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