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How to Get Marble in LEGO Fortnite?

LEGO Fortnite has introduced a vibrant and engaging twist to the classic Battle Royale mode. Instead of the usual trio of wood, brick, and metal, players are invited to explore a diverse range of building materials through a rich crafting system. Marble, a particularly valuable resource, plays a crucial role in this new LEGO universe.

Read this article till the end to find out how you can get marble in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Get Marble in LEGO Fortnite?

It begins in the cave systems. These caves, scattered randomly across the game’s seed, hold the key to unearthing this resource. However, it’s not as simple as walking in and collecting it. Players need a special tool for the task.

Before diving into the caves, one must craft a suitable pickaxe. This requires gathering three Bones and three Knotwood, foundational ingredients for creating the tool that can harvest Marble.

Upon crafting the necessary pickaxe, players need to navigate the cave systems. These caves, once discovered, are consistently marked on the player’s map, making return trips easier. Marble in LEGO Fortnite is found within rock formations, and with the right pickaxe, players can extract it by simply breaking these rocks.

Marble, once harvested, has multiple applications. A notable use is converting it into Marble Slabs at a Stone Breaker. These slabs are essential for upgrading the Crafting Bench to a higher tier, thus expanding the player’s crafting capabilities.

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