After an incredible success with the idea of dropping Valorant beta keys as stream drops through Twitch before the official release of the shooter in June, Riot Games decided to take things to the next level when they announced dropping League of Legends loot through official streams.

This time however, fans won’t be able to get drops by watching streams on Twitch. Instead, if you’re looking to get your hands on a drop, you’ll have to watch the official stream through the League of Legends website.

What are Drops?

Drops appear in the form of cards likely featuring adorable poro(s) which represent a unique reward. These cards are triggered by in-game or in-broadcast events and will provide at minimum a small amount of Blue Essence. Rarer in-game moments or epic plays could trigger bigger rewards such as Hextech chests and keys, skin shards, summoner icons, and Clash tickets.

What are the rewards?

  • 10-Year Commemorative Esports Capsules
  • Custom Branded Hextech Chests from our partners
  • Minion Icons
  • Discount Codes from our partners
  • Exclusive Music content from our partners
  • Ward Skins and Emotes
  • Worlds Tokens
  • Blue Essence
  • Each Drop will come with an exclusive piece of collectible art that can be viewed on the rewards page anytime

How to get League of Legends Esports Drops ?

You need to be logged in to your League of Legends account at to be eligible for a drop. If you receive a drop while watching a game, you’ll get a notification which can be clicked to claim the reward.

These drops are only available while watching live games and are triggered by in-game events. The rewards include blue essense, skin shards, summoner icons, clash tickets, and other stuff.

You can see the loot you’ve earned in the drop tab of your account. The rewards will automatically be made available in-game within 24 hours.

Drops will occur during the live stream of the 2020 Summer Split for the LCS and LEC, and fans from all regions and servers will be eligible to collect rewards.

Riot hasn’t said anything yet about LCK or LPL, but it will probably expand Drops to those leagues as well in the near future. For more info, visit the official Watch.LoLesports blog.