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How To Get Kiriko Skin In Overwatch 2 For Free

The Legendary Sukajan Kiriko, Overwatch 2’s latest support hero is up for grabs, and here’s how you too can get it.

Blizzard dropped a sequel to the massively popular multiplayer FPS title Overwatch and it is an instant hit. Fans are rushing into the game to quickly collect all the items at the earliest. Even though the game had a rough launch with a plethora of issues plaguing it but that did not stop players from being crazy about it.

The skin will be one of the Twitch drops and the contest is rather easy to complete and can be done with little to no effort.

Between the 7th and 16th of October, watch any stream on Twitch under the Overwatch category for a net total of 6 hours, making it rather easy to rack up the hours and collect the said skin. All of this will go in vain unless you have your Blizzard account connected to Twitch, which can be easily done by going over to the settings, and under connections is where it is.

These drops are available for a limited time, post which it is unlikely that these drops ever make it back to the game which makes it kind of a limited edition or rare item in the world of Overwatch 2.

Connect your Twitch account to Blizzard and watch any stream under the Overwatch category for 6 hours and you will have it in your inventory. Make sure to do it before the time expires or miss out.
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