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How to fix “shop not showing up” error in Overwatch 2

Blizzard just drop the sequel to Overwatch and players are swarming in to get a taste of the next generation. The game has been good but some errors around it has made the experience sub-optimal for the players, namely the “shop not showing up error”. In this article, we discuss, what it is and look at ways around it.

Many players around the globe have reported the “shop” to have disappeared from the menu and what makes it even more shocking is the number of players facing it. The widely known issue seems to have plagued millions, thereby no one was able to purchase premium stuff from the store.

We have put together a few fixes that might solve it temporarily but a long-term fix has already been set in motion by the developers, hopefully, it will be enough.

Many people agree that updating the game to the latest patch has resolved most of the issues, even the underlying ones but still, opinion about the same has been somewhat mixed.

Restarting your computer, before restarting the game can be one fix that is known to resolve the issue temporarily. Re-installing the game is another issue that cannot be ruled out as the final resort.

All of these combined should fix the issue for most players but do not forget to contact player support if it remains unresolved after the latest update.

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