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How to fix Apex Legends Season 10 Download Stuck Error?

The much anticipated Apex Legends Season 10 is finally here and everyone is in a hurry to get their hands on it but to their misfortune, an error during the download is keeping them away from it.

Several players have reported across social media that their download is stuck at around 30-40% rendering the game completely unplayable. Despite trying several methods nothing concrete can be coined as a solution was the error is speculated to be caused by overloaded servers following a massive influx in active downloads.

The issue is not new, rather it is quite common when servers get overloaded. Reinstalling and restarting will go in vain as you wouldn’t get any further thereby the only working solution so far is to wait it out.

Patience is the key, once the load on the server is reduced, it will make way for others to continue with the download. People have reported the download to continue after waiting out an hour which is the only working solution out of it.

The hype around new Apex Legends Seasons is always crazy so something like shouldn’t baffle the players but once more and more people complete their downloads, the situation is presumed to get back to normal.

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