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Fortnite: How to Complete Test of Agility at Restored Reels?

Fortnite’s dynamic challenges continue to engage players with a mix of strategy, skill, and quick reflexes. Among these challenges, the Test of Agility at Restored Reels stands out as a thrilling quest that tests players’ speed and precision. This guide will walk you through how to ace this test, ensuring you gain the gods’ favor and edge closer to that coveted Victory Royale.

How to find Restored Reels?

Unlike the elusive Pantheon Path, Restored Reels is marked on the map, making it easy for players to find. This point of interest (POI) is your starting line for the agility test.

Before initiating the test, it’s crucial to secure your surroundings. Ensuring no enemies are nearby is essential for uninterrupted completion of the challenge. This is similar to the strategy recommended when facing a boss in Fortnite, where player focus is paramount.

How to Complete the Test of Agility?

  • Initiating the Test: Upon arriving at Restored Reels, look for a golden floating clock. Interacting with this clock begins the agility test.
  • The Challenge: Players must navigate through a series of golden rings within a set timeframe. The task is moderately challenging, requiring both speed and accuracy to complete successfully.
  • Retry if Necessary: If you fail to pass through all rings in time, you can always retry by returning to the golden clock. Persistence is key.
  • Completing the Test: Successfully running through all the golden rings signifies the completion of the Test of Agility. However, the journey doesn’t end here. Players are then encouraged to tackle the Test of Strength and, subsequently, the Test of Wisdom, each presenting unique challenges.

Completing the Test of Agility is a significant achievement in Fortnite, but the game always offers more. To further enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of securing a Victory Royale, consider exploring effective weapon and mod combinations. These can significantly impact your performance in subsequent matches.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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