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How to Find a Ninja Turtle Supply Drop in Fortnite?

In the vibrant world of Fortnite, the collaboration with the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has introduced an exhilarating quest: finding and searching Ninja Turtle Supply Drops. This guide will provide you with the insights and strategies needed to successfully locate these coveted drops, brimming with high-tier loot and exclusive Mythic weapons inspired by the turtles themselves.

How to Find a Ninja Turtle Supply Drop in Fortnite?

Finding a Ninja Turtle Supply Drop begins with keen observation and exploration. These special drops are marked by unique icons on your mini-map, symbolizing each of the four Ninja Turtles. Keep an eye out for these icons, as they pinpoint the exact location of the drops.

Typically, the icon won’t appear until at least two rounds into the game, so patience and persistence are key. Once an icon is spotted, head towards it to find a crate suspended beneath a large balloon, which interestingly features the face of the corresponding Ninja Turtle​​.

Upon locating a Ninja Turtle Supply Drop in Fortnite, interacting with it is quite straightforward. Approach the crate and use the same action for opening a normal chest or crate. This action will unleash a plethora of high-tier items, including one red item that corresponds to the Turtle the drop is themed around. For instance, finding Raphael’s drop might reward you with his signature Sai weapons​​.

The true allure of these Supply Drops lies in the exclusive TMNT Mythic weapons. Each drop houses one of four distinct Mythic items: Leo’s Katanas, Mikey’s Nunchaku, Donnie’s Staff, or Raph’s Sai. To maximize your chances of acquiring these Mythics, keep an eye on the skies for hot air balloons delivering the drops and listen for audio cues that can help you locate them more easily​​.

Finding and searching for a Ninja Turtle Supply Drop is a thrilling challenge requiring strategy and alertness. The drops can appear in various locations across the island, from the hotel grounds of Grand Glacier to the mythological landscapes of Ruined Reels, encouraging thorough exploration.

The high ground can offer a tactical advantage for spotting incoming drops. Additionally, prepare for potential confrontations with other players also vying for the drop’s valuable loot. Staying vigilant and ready to defend or build can make the difference in successfully claiming the Mythic weapons​​.

Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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