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Fortnite Mosaic Tiles: How To Collect in Chapter 5 – Complete Guide

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 has introduced an exciting new quest for players: the hunt for Mosaic Tiles. These Fortnite Mosaic Tiles are not just any collectibles; they are your ticket to earning XP and unlocking a unique loading screen. However, finding and collecting these tiles can be a bit of a mystery, as the game doesn’t provide clear instructions. Fear not, for this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about Mosaic Tiles in Fortnite, ensuring you can complete your Odyssey Bonus Goals efficiently.

What are Fortnite Mosaic Tiles?

Mosaic Tiles are special items that players can collect during Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1. Accumulating these tiles contributes to completing specific Odyssey Bonus Goals, rewarding players with XP and a special loading screen. These tiles appear as teal clumps and can be collected by simply walking over them after completing certain in-game activities.

How to Find and Collect Mosaic Tiles

Collecting Mosaic Tiles involves engaging in various activities throughout the game. Here are the primary ways to add these elusive tiles to your collection:

  • Complete Quests: Engage in and complete various quests throughout Fortnite to earn Mosaic Tiles.
  • Battle Royale Matches: Participate in Battle Royale matches, where you can collect tiles passively by engaging in combat and exploration.
  • Damage Enemies: Inflicting damage on opponents can sometimes yield Mosaic Tiles as a reward.
  • Open Chests and Containers: Keep an eye out for chests and containers, as opening these can also grant you tiles.
  • Hit Weak Points: A highly effective method for collecting tiles is to hit weak points, marked by blue circles, on various objects with your pickaxe.

Best Locations for Farming Mosaic Tiles

To maximize your tile collection, focus on areas with dense structures such as houses, buildings, and small objects. These locations are rich in weak points, allowing you to farm Mosaic Tiles more efficiently. Avoid named locations due to high player traffic and instead opt for unnamed clusters of buildings or structures. An example is the area between Ritzy Rivera and Pleasant Piazza, which is ideal for a low-risk, high-reward farming strategy.

Mosaic Tile Rewards

The Odyssey quest associated with Mosaic Tiles offers several stages of rewards, culminating in a unique loading screen. Here’s what you can earn as you collect more tiles:

  • 25 Mosaic Tiles: 10k XP
  • 50 Mosaic Tiles: 10k XP
  • 100 Mosaic Tiles: 10k XP
  • 200 Mosaic Tiles: 10k XP
  • 300 Mosaic Tiles: Odyssey’s Origin loading screen

Enhancing Your Fortnite Experience

Collecting Mosaic Tiles is not just about the rewards; it’s a fun and engaging way to explore the vast world of Fortnite. By following this guide, you can efficiently collect all the tiles you need while enjoying everything Fortnite Chapter 5 has to offer. Remember, the key to success is exploring, engaging in various activities, and keeping an eye out for those teal clumps that signify Mosaic Tiles.

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