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Emulators to play Honkai Impact 3 on PC

This is an anime-style role-playing game focus on combat and hero upgrades. The characters in this game are the main attraction. If you are a great fan of anime then this game is worth playing for you. The characters who are known as Valkyries in this game are female characters and they fight against the world-destroying evil called Honkai.

The storyline of this game also revolves around it. Throughout the game the visuals of this game are mesmerizing. Plus the voice-acted different parts in this game are in Japanese which gives you a typical taste and sense of anime style. 

As you start with the game the amazingly unique stunning graphic visuals come up with the story narrating and this cinematic intro is nothing like you have seen before. As you proceed in this game you will get to complete different challenges and through these challenges, you will also get different rewards and claims. By these missions, you will also unlock many different characters with different abilities and combat styles.

Every character has a different unique combat style that you will absolutely love. Along with the different skills and augments called stigmata to battle zombies and mechanical monsters, every single character is unique. The different combat of these characters can be learned with the in-game tutorials. Most of this gameplay is focused on combat and some on the upgrading of the heroes or equipment. Moreover, you can join and create guilds as well as enjoy standalone gold and equipment-gathering modes, special events, and unique stories.

This game uses a fast-paced action combo system that has a voice-acted anime main storyline and as you progress through the game. The controls are “WASD” to move around and “J” is for the attack. “K” is for Dodge combat. The whole combat will be on a plane that will go around. This can get a little bit dizzy sometimes. Then you will be on the floor and it seems like this city has been worked.

This came do feel amazing on mobile the combats are really good. The start of this game is very action-packed. As your characters will get leveling up you will get to complete different challenges. By completing more of these challenges you will also get more difficulties and more abilities that will help you to combat. This game doesn’t seem like the kind of typical auto-play mobile RPG. The camera switches between 3D and horizontal modes. During all these different stages you will get lots of little narrative cut scenes voice acted in Japanese.

Overall this game is action-packed and you will love it when you play it. You can play it on your mobile devices but can also play it on your PC. For PC all you have to do is download and install a lightweight android Emulator. What it does is it will let you play and use any android app on PC.

Why play it on PC with an android emulator? The answer is simple you may have low-end phones or slow phones. The battery life could be a big problem but for that Emulator is a simple solution. Moreover, you will experience the stunning visuals on your computer’s big screen. The visuals and graphics will be crisp and stunning. Plus you will get the most of your PC hardware and it will be better than most of your phones.

Here are two best android emulators we have narrowed down to play Honkai Impact 3 on PC:


Moving further if the software that needs to be a number one spot in this list is LDPlayer. LDPlayer is one of the most worldwide trusted android emulators. This powerful android emulator offers a wide range of features along with customization. It is downloaded more than 100 million times and has been trusted by millions around the world. It is simple quick and easy to install. It is available for windows 7/8/8.1 and 10.

It supports both Intel and AMD processors. There are many key customized features like key mapping, GPU control, controls customization and screen resolution or much more. LDPlayer is gaining a lot of success due to its fast speed and pace. It’s definitely one of the best Android emulators for Honkai Implact 3 on PC.


Bluestacks is probably one of the first Android emulators that are available in the market but it has evolved so much during the time. Bluestacks clearly change the perspective of mobile gaming on PC with its launch. Bluestacks is clearly the best choice.

Ngugen Tshoma
Ngugen Tshoma
Business & Mobile Gaming news reporter for the Asia Pacific at TalkEsport.com.
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