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Counter-Strike 2 Knife Commands List: How To Test Knives in CS2

Knife skins in Counter-Strike 2 are some of the most sought-after cosmetics in the competitive shooter, which is why they also consistently rank among the most expensive items on the Steam Market.

If you’re looking to get a new knife in CS2, there are several interesting options for you to choose from. From the prestigious Karambit to the sleek Butterfly Knives, there’s something for everyone in the title.

However, obtaining a knife skin in CS2 is not an easy feat. Not only do the desirable knife skins come with a steep price tag on the market, but they are also exceedingly rare to unbox from cases. The odds of obtaining a knife skin from any CS2 case is only 0.26%.

Luckily, there’s a way for players to test these knives in-game without having to spend a dime. Although you don’t get to use these attractive knives in competitive, you can test out any knife you want in your custom servers using simple knife commands.

How To Test Any Knife in CS2 for Free

Testing out knives in CS2 for free involves using a few console commands that anyone can do in only a few seconds to try out their dream knife.

First, set up a custom server in CS2 or launch a game with bots. Once you’re in-game, ensure your developer’s console is enabled so you can enter commands in your console.

In case you’re having difficulty enabling your developer’s console, feel free to check out our quick guide on the topic.

CS2 Knife Console Commands List

Here are the essential console commands that you need to enter into your console before testing any knife in CS2:

  • sv_cheats true
  • mp_drop_knife_enable true

Once you have these commands enabled, close the console and drop your knife by pressing ‘G’.

Now, leave the buy area and move to a part of the map where you aren’t able to buy guns (you can’t spawn new knives into your buy area).

Point your crosshair to where you want your desired knife to spawn, and enter any console command from the following list:

KnifeKnife Command
M9 Bayonetsubclass_create 508
Navaja Knifesubclass_create 520
Nomad Knifesubclass_create 521
Paracord Knifesubclass_create 517
Shadow Daggerssubclass_create 516
Skeleton Knifesubclass_create 525
Stiletto Knifesubclass_create 522
Survival Knifesubclass_create 518
Talon Knifesubclass_create 523
Ursus Knifesubclass_create 519

When you enter any of the aforementioned commands to your console, you’ll be able to spawn its respective knife into your own game and test it out as much as you want.

Do note that you’ll only be given the vanilla version of the knife, and won’t be able to get skins for any of the knives in this list. If you wish to try out knives with skins, there are plenty of community servers available where you can do so using pre-installed plugins.

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