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How to Earn and Use Capital Gold in Clash of Clans (COC)

In the dynamic world of Clash of Clans, the introduction of Capital Gold has added a new layer of strategy and excitement. This unique currency, unlike others, cannot be purchased but must be earned through gameplay, making it a valuable asset for any clan. This article will guide you through the process of acquiring, contributing, and effectively utilizing Capital Gold to enhance your Clan Capital.

What Is Capital Gold In Clash Of Clans

Capital Gold is a special currency introduced in Clash of Clans, primarily used for constructing and upgrading structures within your Clan Capital’s District.

This currency is not available for purchase; instead, players must earn it through various in-game activities. The strategic acquisition and use of Capital Gold can significantly enhance your Clan Capital’s growth and development.

How to Earn Capital Gold in Clash of Clans

Capital Gold can be earned by converting resources from your Home Village and Builder Base. Additionally, participation in Raid Weekends can also yield this valuable currency.

The destruction of buildings during raids rewards players with Capital Gold, with larger defenses and buildings offering more substantial rewards.

A player who successfully 3-stars a District receives bonus Capital Gold for any surviving troops, both deployed and undeployed. However, unused spells do not contribute to this bonus. Each housing space of surviving troops rewards you with 1 Capital Gold.

How to contribute Capital Gold in Clash of Clans

Once players have earned Capital Gold, they can contribute it towards the construction and upgrade of buildings within their Clan Capital. This process takes place in the Forge, where players convert their resources into Capital Gold.

The accumulated Capital Gold is then used to transform ruins into buildings or upgrade existing structures.

Each building requires multiple Capital Gold contributions to level up, which happens instantly once the required contributions are met. Players also receive Reputation points for their contributions.

How to use Capital Gold in Clash of Clans for Builder Boost

While the Builder Boost and Builder Potion do not affect the costs of contributing to buildings in the Capital, they do influence the Forge’s operations.

The Builder Boost reduces the time and resources required to convert into Capital Gold, while the Builder Potion decreases the time needed for the conversion process.

Capital Gold is a strategic asset in Clash of Clans, offering players a unique way to contribute to their Clan Capital’s growth and development. By effectively earning, contributing, and utilizing this currency, players can significantly enhance their gameplay experience. Remember, the key to maximizing your Capital Gold earnings lies in completing District Raids with as few troops as possible. Happy gaming!

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