Among Us Zombie Mod: Everything You Need To Know

Read on to find out what the fan-made Among Us Zombie Mod is all about.

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Fan-made mods for InnerSloth’s murder-mystery title Among Us have taken over the internet in the past few months. Among Us fans are expressing their innovation to implement twists to their beloved video game by creating mods that are quite different than the classic version of the game.

For instance, the proximity chat mod for Among Us has gained an insane amount of popularity recently, with big YouTubers like 5up, jacksepticeye, and Markiplier showcasing the mod through their YouTube videos.

This time, it’s the Among Us Zombie Mod that has managed to gain the attention of thousands of players after it was brought to light by a group of YouTubers. In this video, YouTuber ‘ZeRoyalViking’ shows the gameplay of the Zombie mod and explains how it works.

What is the Among Us Zombie Mode?

Zombie Mod is similar to the ‘Hide & Seek’ game mode, but with several major twists. After a game starts, one player is randomly chosen to be the zombie after a certain timer expires. That player has their vision and speed reduced, but can infect other players by walking through them.

The game ends when all the survivors are infected, or when the crew manages to complete all of their tasks. Unlike usual Among Us, players can’t vote out the zombies and have to rely on their superior speed and vision to escape them.

It’s not an official game mode as of yet. But if InnerSloth decides to implement their own version of the zombie mod, it’s certain to be a favorite among players in no time.

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