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All callouts in VALORANT explained

In most competitive shooters mechanical skills aren’t the only decisive factor to determine which team comes out on top, and Valorant by Riot Games is no exception. While the ability to aim precisely will undoubtedly give you a huge competitive edge, raw aim can only take you so far.

Alongside aiming, a good player must have the knowledge of good positioning, hiding spots and most importantly map callouts. A good gamer should know how to relay maximum information in limited time before or after dying and to do that the knowledge of all the callouts of every single map becomes non-optional.

Callouts should be given to inform teammates about enemy positions. A good communicator will follow the location of the map the enemy was last seen with small details that might be beneficial for the team, like if the enemy is reloading or making a push. You’ll be surprised at the amount of difference you’ll be making per game by simply giving the right callouts in the right manner to your team.

So far, only three maps are released in Valorant – Bind, Haven and Split. Due to the low number of maps, memorizing the precise callouts of them shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s a detailed list of callouts for each of the maps:


Image via Blitz.gg


Image via Blitz.gg


Image via Blitz.gg
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