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A Guide to Improve Close Range Combat in BGMI

If you have ever played Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), you might already know how important close range combats are. Doesn’t matter how good you are at the game, if you don’t win close range battles, you will lose. It literally makes the difference between winning and losing a game. Hence, consciously working on improving your close range skills is very important to excel in the game. In this article, we bring you a guide on how you can improve your close range.

The Three Key Aspects to Improve Your BGMI Close Range Combat Skills – Movement, Aim, and Weapon

You need to consider three key factors to improve your BGMI close range combat skills: Movement, Aim, and Weapon. Given below is the detailed breakdown of all three of these:


Jiggle: Add unpredictability to your movements by swaying left and right. This makes it challenging for opponents to aim accurately.

Crouch: Crouch on and off to disrupt your opponent’s crosshair placement, making it difficult to aim at you.

Utilize Cover: Hide behind a cover to surprise your opponent. Pop out, damage your opponent, and retreat before your opponent can react.

Jump: Jump out of cover to catch your enemy off-guard. Jumping disrupts your opponent’s crosshair placement and can provide you with an advantage.

Peek: Opt for peeking rather than fully exposing yourself. This reveals only your upper portion of your body, minimizing the target area for your opponent.

Prone: When caught off-guard, going prone and shooting can surprise your enemy. It takes time for your opponent to react and adjust aim after you go prone, giving you enough time to take down the opponent. However, prone completely restricts your movements, so it is much of a gamble.

To dominate your opponents, use a combination of these movements based on the situation. Avoid using the same pattern repeatedly to remain unpredictable.


Crosshair Placement: Crosshair placement is one of the most important aspects of the game, especially in BGMI close range combats. Always place your crosshair at the point where you expect the enemy to be. This will increase your chance to damage your opponent first before getting hit.

Sights: Using sights wherever necessary gives you an upper hand as sights massively improve the shooting accuracy. However, they also restrict your movements, so it is important to be conscious when using them.

Hipfire: To get the most out of your movements, you should use hipfire. Hipfire allows you to freely move while shooting. However, it introduces shooting errors the more you move and the longer you fire, so you must take that into account.

It is equally important to consciously know where and when to use sights and where and when to opt for hipfire.


The choice of your weapon is one of the most important aspects in close range combat. Opt for a weapon with higher damage per second (DPS), weapons with higher accuracy, or shotguns to improve your BGMI close range combat skills. 

Examples: Groza – High DPS, UMP-45 – High accuracy, and DBS – Shotgun 

By mastering all  these – movement, aim, and weapon, you’ll significantly improve your BGMI close range combat skills. However, it is equally important to practice. Practice as much as you can to implement these tactics into your game. The more you practice, the better you get.

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Moin Khot
Moin Khothttp://www.talkesport.com
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