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How to Get Hamayumi in Genshin Impact

Ever since the dawn of its release, miHoYo’s open-world RPG title Genshin Impact has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide and helped bring the controversial genre of gacha gaming to the mainstream. Currently, it is one of the most popular RPG titles out there and boasts a significant daily active player base.

To keep Genshin Impact players engaged, miHoYo is constantly adding new weapons and characters that can be obtained by a variety of different methods. The ‘Hamayumi’ in Genshin Impact is a 4-star weapon that greatly improves the overall damage output of a player by increasing the normal attack damage by 16-32% and charged attack damage by 12-24%.

However, obtaining the Hamayumi in Genshin Impact isn’t an easy task for most players. To get this weapon, players must first get access to its diagram. Here’s what you need to know in order to be able to get the Hamayumi in Genshin Impact.

How to Get Hamayumi Diagram in Genshin Impact

To get the Hamayumi diagram in Genshin Impact, players need to find the NPC Takashi towards the north of Tatarasuna. Once found, players need to offer three Mysterious Conches to Takashi to obtain a chest, which can then be opened.

Players need to open a minimum of seven Takashi’s chests to get the Hamayumi diagram.

The Mysterious Conches spawn randomly at various locations. Players can try searching the shallow water near Takashi’s place to get the Mysterious Conches.

Additionally, players will also need the following items to craft the Hamayumi bow:

  • 500 Mora
  • 50 White Iron Chunks
  • 50 Amethyst Lumps
  • Northlander Bow Billet
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