Genshin Impact Web Event: Players Can Make Greeting Cards in New Web Event

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Genshin Impact is undoubtedly one of the biggest open-world RPGs out there that players can enjoy on their mobile devices alongside other platforms.

Originally released in September 2020, the title still enjoys constant growth to this date thanks to regular updates by miHoYo. One of the prime ways that the developers use to keep the player base engaged is through new events. These events often reward the players with in-game currency and other exclusive items. 

The newly introduced “Festive Celebration of Flowing Hues” web event in Genshin Impact lets players create and send various virtual greeting cards to their friends. Players of the title can choose to send Liyue-themed greeting cards to their friends or share them in social media and get rewarded in the process. 

The rewards for the new event include Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Mora and Mystic Enhancement Ore. These can be obtained easily by completing the Festive Popularity Quests and obtaining Popularity Points.

Players have to collect ‘inspiration’ to create their custom greeting cards in the web event. There are three types of inspirations that players can get including backgrounds, companions and decorations. It’s important to point out that the companions that players can get from the event are exclusively from Liyue. 

Players can also browse through other players’ creations on the website and make wishes to get up to three desired inspirations per day. 

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