TNC knocks OG out of TI6 – Major Upset


TNC knocks OG out of TI6 in their lower bracket match today in a convincing fashion.

TNC, known as the underdogs at this tournament were able to take down one of the tournament favorites OG with a score of 2-0. Miracle and the squad were not able to hold on the Filipino lineup created by Demon who ended up placing in Ti right from open qualifiers.

Game 1

After game 1 draft it was moreover an OG’s game to win with the lineup picked by them. The hero’s picked would gradually do good against TNC’s Lineup which was also a crowd favorite lineup. OG’s draft included Drow Ranger followed by Miracles Medusa pick.

However, TNC were able to focus Drow Ranger in every team fight with the help of Elder Titan and Axe pick who didn’t allow No-tail to contest in team fights properly.

OG was able to maintain their gold lead for quite a time with help if Moon’s Crono + Fly’s Witch Doctor combo. TNC later decides to take down OG’s aggression with the help of their Infest bomb combo on Axe and life-stealer.

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Highlights for the game can be found here

Game 2

Game 2 started with TNC drafting a Huskar for themselves against Miracles Ember-Spirit and Notail’s Tiny. From the past matches, it is seen that Dazzle + Huskar have a win rate of 70% in 6.85. OG dominated the game till minute 20 with the score being far and TNC being only single digit team kill score. TNC later pulled up a great fight with cronosphere by Sam and they were right back into the game.

It took 3 tries of mid push for TNC to break OG’s throne, but when they did break it that moment was very special for all the fans and SEA community.

TNC knocks OG out of TI6

After this loss OG – 2 times Major Champions knocked out of International 6 placing 9th – 12th Place. They take home $303,122 from the total prize pool.

Watch the highlights of both games

Game 1

Game 2

We wish TNC good luck further as they advance in the tournament and hard luck to OG.

Also, we will like to remind all the Indian fans that TNC was the team that knocked Beyond Infinity in the open qualifiers and they are going far. Indian community should be proud of Beyond Infinity for making it so far and losing to a team which today took down the tournament favorites at The International 6.