Escape Gaming eliminates Execration as they take them down at The International 6 wildcard qualifiers. Synderen and crew will be taking the 16th Slot at the International 6.

Game 1

game 1

The first game was eventually more of an even game from both the sides. Perhaps Execration claimed first blood in game 1 and they were able to hold on to a lead of 6-1 score by minute 10. Passing on by the 10-minute mark, Since Execration was dominating in their first 10 minutes, they decided to go for Roshan kill. Escape gaming was able to fight around the Roshan pit and team wipe their opponents.

After the team wipe, Escape gaming was able to take down Execration’s Tier 1 bot tower and significantly take the lead over the game. At 23 minute mark after having lead in the game, Escape Gaming decided to take their first aegis of the game and take down Execration’s tier 2 tower on top lane.

However, escape gaming went for bottom racks which Execration were able to defend successfully. Just a minute or two later, Escape gaming  took down 4 of Xtcn’s players and rushed into the Roshan pit and claimed their second aegis of immortal.

Execration smoked up for their last fight which they were unable to pull out at nearly 40-minute mark.

Game 2

Game 2 started with Synderen picking up a Huskar + Dazzle lineup for the team.

Game 2

Huskar being mid was able to harass timber saw at mid lane pre 5 minutes and ogre helped out to claim first blood. A few minutes later at nearly 10-minute mark Escape Gaming claimed the aegis of immortal and marched towards xtcn’s bottom racks. They were able to take down the bottom racks at minute 15. Just after taking down the bottom racks, 2 minutes later they were able to take down the middle racks as well.

Eventually, Execration tapped out of the game resulting a 2-0 victory for Escape Gaming.

The team will be placed in Group A of the Group Stage Playoffs which will be starting on 3rd August.

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