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Risky Gaming survives the strike at Masters, sends D5 packing

The third day of ESL Masters 2016 had little but enough to decide a team’s fate. Risky Gaming, the UAE powerhouse played the survival match against Mumbai’s Destructive5. Risky Gaming where, defeated D5 twice (16-6 dust2, 22-18 de_train) and advanced further to the semi-finals of the tournament.

The first map of the series, D2 was a blunder for the Indian side as they were thoroughly outplayed by the Dubai warriors. The first of the game ended 11-4 with Risky dominating on the terrorist side aspect of the map. Although allowing d5 getting two points more on the board in the second half, Risky Gaming absolutely denied any hope. The first map ended 16-6 for the Emiratis. GReeNz, the demolitionist proven to be the difference maker with over 1.5 KDR. Advancing into the second map Train, which is considered to be Risky’s one of the best one, the thrust apparently favored them.

GreeNz shredded opponents with KD over 1.5 in D2

And continuing their stature from the first game, Risky progressed further with the necessary ammunition to derail the Indian side. The map started with Risky taking charge of the match and leading the scoreboard until the first half. The scores were 8-7 challenging d5. The second half of the game commenced with the pistol round favoring the Indian lineup as they were able to trade frags for frags and winning the second pistol round to even the scores up at 8-8. Things looked sloppy from thereon as Risky Gaming extensively trailed D5 with six round lead.

D5’s Pexxer played it pretty well, although lost the first game 16-6.

Things were not looking well enough for Destructive5 as Risky Gaming had four map – and match – points to deal with. But the heroic plays impressed the crowd and shocked the opponents when D5 apprehended comeback. The team tore the lead apart and forced the game to overtime after resting the scores at 15-15.

Much of this was evident that the Indian side did have some of those up to their sleeves. The first round of the first overtime was captured by Risky Gaming but quickly traded even by D5 making it 16-16. HuntR was able to get triple frags in the third round of overtime which made the scoreline favorable strong for D5. But a 1v2 clutch by Karribob, in the end, tied the score once more at 17-17.

Risky Gaming strengthened their lead and won the following round making the score 18-17 and destroying the D5’s economy, confirming their win at 19-17. Props to the observer for sensing PeXxer’s play as he had different plans, with only a $500 pistol he decimated three of Risky’s and forced the game yet again to a second Overtime 19-19.

Rashed ‘GreeNz’ Alnuami dropped a 50-bomb. Totaling 74 kills in two maps.

The second overtime had different and predictable results; Risky Gaming were finally serious and determined to finish the game and not to take the load further the third map. Rashed ‘GreeNz’ Alnuaimi though, on 46 kills sneaking and lurking into open and getting opening kills for his team. The new addition had enough of those headshots to thwart the aspirations of D5.

GreeNz dominance continued all throughout Train; hits 1.92 KDR in 40 rounds

Risky Gaming eventually wrapped up the exhaustive affair by winning four consecutive rounds in the second overtime, improvising from the first one. The map ended 22-18. And the series concluded 2-0 (16-6 dust2, 22-18 de_train).

Undoubtedly, the man of the day was GreeNz who not only played out of his minds and titled a 50-bomb for himself; but also displayed the variety of skills of the game known to him. From being an assaulter to rifler and lurker, GreeNz presented his supremacy in front of the crowd and of course D5.

Risky Gaming faces the loser of the winner bracket finals between Invisible Wings and Dare 2 Dream tomorrow. If you are in Delhi or nearby, make sure you don’t miss this exceptional experience. Watch out the space for some classic Counter Strike!

Images source-  ESL India Facebook

Deepak Ojha
Deepak Ojha
Founding Editor, TalkEsport
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