Glimpse from ESL India Premiership Starter 1 Dota 2

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Glimpse from ESL India Premiership Starter 1 Dota 2

A Glimpse on ESL India Premiership Online Starter 1 Dota 2 powered by Nodwin Gaming as the tournament now completes 10 days.

About ESL


The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is an eSports Legaue, which is operated by Turtle Entertainment in Cologne, Germany. Today it has more than 6,100,000 registered members and consists of over 1,000,000 teams, which have played over 12.1 million games. In addition to leagues & tournaments, the ESL’s own Online Matchmaking. The ESL supports over 50 games in different genres through various national and international leagues. Games are usually broadcast via, or played publicly at conventions such as Gamescom or CeBIT. ESL also operates the Intel Extreme Masters world championships.

 ESL India


ESL India is the partnership between ESL and Nodwin Gaming bringing the biggest E-Sports Culture for the Indian Gamer’s. Nodwin Gaming’s Services are divided into various aspects, Such as hosting an managing events, Gaming media and coverage of events, Gaming Merchandising, E-Sports fixtures and many more.

ESL India premiership was recently introduced in the country with a huge prize pool of nearly 42 Lakh. With this Event many of the gamer’s remains motivated with an aspect of evolving with gaming as a career or a full time job.

ESL India Premiership Online Starter #1 Dota 2’s first 10 days have been very impressive run with 187 teams coming forward to participate in the tournament. ESL India Premiership includes all the tools which will help to e-Sports scene to encourage professionalism in the country. As expected by the staff of Nodwin Gaming, ESL India & So-Stronk are putting up a good show for the community gamers in India and ofcourse the wonderful audience.

As each starter cup lasts for around 24 days and challenger after every 3 months and Masters at the end.

It makes the teams to stick together and practice more with the same roster instead of changing lineups more often. Since this is a long tournament which will last for more than 8 Months, Many of the teams will be benefited by this event as staying together for longer will eventually make their team stronger and it will help to improve the bond and understandings between the players.

There are many names to be mentioned for whom audience can root for, Exceptionally the favorites to win the starter cup are mentioned below along with their Facebook profile links, Give them a thumbs up by giving up a thumbs up.

List of All the teams participating in the tournament can be found On ESL Play

Link to the Brackets of ESL India Premiership Starter #1

As the tournament has now reached the round of 32,  We may expect some high tier games from the tournament proceeding forward.

Audience can enjoy the Daily Live stream on By ESL India Premiership

  • Hearthstone – 6:30 Pm IST
  • Dota 2 – 7:00 Pm IST
  • Counter Strike : Global Offensive – 8:00 Pm IST

If you are already a participant of the tournament and seeking for help about the rules and FAQ’s,  You can always follow the ESL India Premiership Survival Guide by TalkEsport.

For further information about the event, visit the official website of ESL India Premiership

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