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It was the fourth day of the ELEAGUE Season 1 and Luminosity will take on Cloud9 in the group A final.As the veto proceeded Luminosity picked up their first map of the game that was Mirage and then Cloud9 picked up Cobblestone.The final map that was randomly picked out was Dust2. Cloud9 got things started pretty well as they won the first pistol round of the map which included a knife fill from Skadoodle.

Cloud9 got a head start with a 3-0 lead against the Brazilians but Fallen didn’t let the lead stay longer and picked up three kills and gave Luminosity the first gun round. After that Fnx and Fallen both picked up a few rounds and in no time Luminosity were leading 4-3. And improvised Cloud9 made a force buy and with the help of n0thing and Skadoodle they pulled off a great round which gave a them a great momentum and made the first half scoreline 9-6 in the favor of Cloud9, Coldzera once again stepped up for his team and manged to win the second pistol round of the map.Luminosity managed to win both anti-ecos as well as the first gun round but then n0thing went insane and saved the round by picking up three kills.This time they didn’t give Luminosity a chance to comeback in the game and n0thing led his team to victory with the help of 33 kills and closing the map 16-11 in the favor of Cloud9.

The second map of the game was Cobblestone and Luminosity were under a lot of pressure. Cloud9 started out on the T Side of the map and with the help of Slemmy they managed to win the first pistol round. Skadoodle then went to take a triple kill and Cloud9 were leading the map with a scoreline of 6-2. And with the help of fnx and fallen Luminosity somehow manged to make the first half scoreline 8-7 in the favour of Cloud9. Thistime Luminosity somehow manged to win the second half pistol round and then started winning with a 11-9 lead.But Cloud9 didn’t stay behind for a long time Skadoodle picked some amazing kills with his AWP that lead the game go into overtime. With the help of Coldzera and fallen, Luminosity closed the map winning it 19-16 and taking it to the third map of the game.

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The third map of the game was Dust2 where Luminosity started the map pretty well by winning the first pistol round and then with the help of Fallen’s mind blowing scout entry kills in the anti-ecos, the Brazilians started dominating the map. Fallen and Coldzera cleaned things up by winning the first half with a scoreline of 14-1. Cloud9 won the second pistol round and tried to make a comeback in the game with the help of Stewie2k who picked up some amazing kills and tried to comeback in the game but it just wasn’t enough as Coldzera finally wrapped things up and Luminosity won the map and the final of the Group A with the scoreline of 16-9.

The Group A of the ELEAGUE Season 1 finally came to an end by Luminosity winning a comfortable third map thereafter, qualifying for the final playoffs. The Group B of the ELEAGUE Season 1 will be beginning from the next week which will feature NiP, G2, Optic and Selfless. We will keep you updated for the rest of the matches, stay tuned.

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