fnatic to play FaZe in ELEAGUE Group D finals

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After heading towards the closure of Season 1 ELEAGUE Group D finals, and finally, we have our teams to watch out for. Fnatic will be playing FaZe Clan in a best-of-three battle tomorrow which will be broadcasted live on TBS networks across all the States.

Fnatic, who have been on a journey of fine happenings since olofmeister turned were at the top of the group seeds, whereas TSM added to the series from the bottom of the table, failing to win even a single map. The North American side did pull-off a great first and second map where they managed to almost beat Fnatic in Cache and actually beat them in Mirage. Eventually, Fnatic qualified for the finals of group D over TSM (2-1).

ELEAGUE Group D finals
Dignitas lost in semifinals

The second semi-final between FaZe and Dignitas was one of the most enjoyable matches of the group yet – obviously next to Fnatic’s triumph over FaZe – the first map cache was taken over by FaZe comfortably (16-10) with Dignitas just ticking double digit scores on the board, second and the third map, however, was a treat to the fans where both the teams played their heart out and skillfully were able to close each of the matches with a little two rounds difference between them. Closing the final scoreboard 14-16 on Overpass and 16-14 on mirage, the final scoreline with a slight advantage favoring FaZe.

ELEAGUE Group D finals

FaZe which beat Dignitas in a most interesting match-up of the group yet will be facing Fnatic in the finals, both of the teams were head to head in the first stage of the matches where, Fnatic thrashed FaZe in the most brutal way going 16-0 in the cobblestone and 8-16 in the following map. The final begins tomorrow 07:00 AM IST and will be telecasted live on TBS networks.

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