DreamHack Delhi CSGO Invitational is less than a week away, with all the teams locked in. One of the first two invites were handed to YaLLa Esports, a newly formed Middle-Eastern stack with loads of potential.

The Squad

YaLLa Esports is a Middle-Eastern powerhouse, with 2 players from Lebanon and one each from Jordan, Tunisia and Algeria. Belal ‘Senpai’ Chehab is the youngest player on the lineup. The 19-year-old has been somewhat in a slump in the last 3 months but is generally one of the consistent stars and the designated IGL in YaLLa.

Senpai is a calm and composed presence on the server, which reflects in his ability to come out victorious in 1vX situations, with the 19-year-old having never lost a 1v2 or a 1v3 as per the recorded statistics on HLTV.

On the other end of the spectrum, 26-year-old Mokrani ‘Kheops’ Anis is a reliable customer on the server and interestingly, hasn’t migrated to the SG meta yet. Omar ‘3ARKOOZ’ Elyyan was a member of Chosen 5 before joining YaLLa Esports.

Bilal-Walid ‘DEAD’ Quadri is the Primary AWPer for YaLLa Esports but is flexible with his choice of weaponry and can do a job with the rifle as well. DEAD and Kheops share AWPing duties, with the latter the secondary AWPer for the team.

Adel ‘Remind’ Guermassi rounds out the roster. The Tunisian rifler has great mechanics in the game and is one of the players to watch for the fans at DreamHack Delhi Invitational.

Performance, Experience and Derivatives

It is interesting to note that YaLLa Esports received the same fate as Entity at eXTREMESLAND ASIA 2019, achieving a Top 12 placement at the event. But, what is worth noting is the fact that the stack arrived at the event without two of their regular stars, Remind and Kheops.

YaLLa have gained invaluable experience from their participation in the United Masters League Season 2, playing against the likes of Gamer Leagion, Copenhagen Flames and Giants. The Middle-Eastern stack is known to be regularly engaged in scrims and practices with European teams along with participation in the ESEA EU Open League, which will also help them in their future endeavours.

YaLLa are currently participating in the WESG West Asia qualifiers and recently parted ways with their coach Anton ‘Toh1o’ Georgiev, who has previously coached Windigo.


YaLLa Esports boasts a fresh new lineup but is already making waves in their region with their performances. The continuous experience gained from competing and practicing against European teams will give them the edge at DreamHack Delhi Invitational.

YaLLa would be aiming to upset one of the two CIS teams coming to DreamHack Delhi and ideally even go on to win the event. YaLLa’s lineup has the ability to do so on their day.

But, we expect YaLLa to atleast reach the semi-finals and secure a top four finish at the minimum in Delhi.

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