Vitality becomes the ‘First CSGO Team’ to use a Mid Match Substitute

Vitality go down in history books as first team to use mid-Match substitutes

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Team Vitality have been championing the CSGO scene ever since their blockbuster entry. The French lineup though, entered the history books of the iconic game by becoming the first team ever to execute a mid-Match substitution.

In their Blast Premier Fall 2020 match against Complexity, Vitality won the first map of the best of 3 series and subsequently opted to bring in Nabil ‘Nivera’ Benrlitom for Kevin ‘misutaa’ Rabier for Dust2, the second map of the series.

The new recruit from Heretics came out of the server with bragging rights, having topped the scoreboard with 22 kills to his name. That wasn’t enough to earn Vitality the win, who brought back misutaa for Vertigo and closed out what has now become a historic series in csgo.

Vitality did the same in their 2-0 win against BIG, showing that their substitution against Complexity wasn’t just a spectacle but something they are committed to in the long run.

Vitality’s achievement comes despite them not being the first team to field a six-man roster. Several top teams have opted for the same, with the Astralis even coming out with the bold claim of envisioning a 10-man roster at their disposal.

However, none of the top teams committed to the experiment and it only goes to show that the viability of a six-man roster in csgo will truly be known once it is put through experiments such as this one.