xQc calls Amouranth’s response “weak”

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Former Overwatch pro turned streamer, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has called Amouranth’s Twitter response “weak”, thus adding to the never-ending back and forth between them.

xQc has never backed down from drama and was especially vocal against the rising “hot tub” meta, more specifically towards Amouranth, one of its founding content creators. On multiple occasions, xQc can be found slamming “hot tub” streamers and he wasn’t alone. The grudge against them was justified as Twitch’s homepage was filled with such streamers while Twitch was meant to be at the top of the video game streaming industry.

Amouranth has been on the receiving end of his critics for too long and she responded via Twitter, accusing xQc of hiding his gambling activities in light of the more popular “hot tub” drama and he responded in the most xQc way possible.

“Guys, what in the actual f**k? I’ve stated my stance five times, and out of everybody, she is the only person who heard my take in person and she pulls this out? That’s f**king weak. That is so weak,” he said.

xQc is going against the “hot tub” meta will everything he has got he is less likely to stop anytime soon, which begs the question, will Amourath take a knee and continue to pull off her antics or keep the feud going.

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