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Why Sykkuno doesn’t play on NoPixel

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Sykkuno has been one of the most popular streamers to come out of 2021 off the back of the Among Us hype train and now that the hype is dying fans want him to shift to the likes of GTA RP.

Fans were their beloved Sykkuno to hop onto the NoPixel server that houses some of the biggest names in Twitch like Summit, xQc, and many more. Now that Among Us has become less efficient in pulling viewers, streamers are shifting to other games that are more fitting to the taste of their audience. Naturally, Role Play is one of the alternatives that is enjoyed by the masses but Sykkuno is reluctant to play it.

“Is it too late? I feel like it’s just too late to join GTA and I’ve been busy,” “Realistically guys, most of my friends aren’t playing GTA like Rae isn’t playing, Corpse isn’t playing, Toast isn’t playing. Almost nobody I know is playing.” said Sykkuno.

“And I know it’s a roleplay game, you don’t have to wait for all your friends to play but let’s be honest guys, I just love playing with my friends. And, if they ask me to play Valorant, there’s a pretty high chance I’m playing Valorant,” he added.

Despite Sykkuno not wanting to enter the world of RP, his fans have shown that there is room for RP content on his channel. The big names on the server would definitely welcome him if he ever chooses to come in search of virtual life in Los Santos.

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