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Sykkuno confirms Las Vegas move


Sykkuno in one of the YouTubers blessed by the lockdown, having reached new heights in the past few months he isn’t that low-tier YouTuber that he was six months ago. Such success is bound to bring major changes into one’s life and for Sykkuno it starts with a move to Las Vegas.

The past year saw Sykkuno rise from 400k subscribers to over 2 million. This influx of fans took Sykkuno to greater heights, not in the streaming community but outside YouTube too. The newfound success motivated him to bring major changes in his life, and having lived in the OfflineTV house until now, he teased moving out of California. He parted ways with OfflineTV to pursue his own personal projects back in November 2020.

After a few days of teasing his move, Sykkuno confirmed it via Twitter. “moving to las vegas! ill be back on streams soon!!” read his Tweet. His move will take time, along with setting up everything in his new home, thus he takes a break from streaming until further notice.

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Las Vegas houses celebrities of various backgrounds and will expose him to greater opportunities. His fans are overwhelmed with his decision that he gets to do the things he always wanted in life. Though the break will cost him some time away from regular streaming, a massive influx of viewers can be expected when he comes back shortly.

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