In what can only be explained as a technical fault within the Twitch servers, popular Minecraft streamer Nathan has mysteriously lost all of his followers on the platform within the span of a single night. 

Nathan has been a regular streamer on Twitch for the past two years, and had managed to build up a strong fan base of over 21,000 followers before losing it all on January 13th overnight. 

After Nathan realised the disaster that had struck him, the 16-year-old resorted to Twitter to share his thoughts with his fans. 

“I’ve lost everything. My twitch lost all of its followers,” Nathan said. “Every single person who has followed me the last 26 months are gone. I’m just at a loss for words.”

Luckily, Nathan has managed to recover from the blow, and he has come back stronger.

As soon as the news spread, fans started showing their wholehearted support to the streamer and began following him on Twitch in massive numbers. Within only 3 days since the incident, Nathan has regained nearly all his followers and is currently rocking a follower count of 21,000 on twitch, a number that can only be expected to increase further with each passing day.