LosPollos TV Twitch

Well known Twitch streamer Louis ‘LosPollosTV’ Sammartino has denied refunding the $350 donation from an avid fan that otherwise would have been $3.50, he later defended his position during a live stream.

Twitch donations have been a way to send messages to your favorite streamers, fans often use them to share their problems, success, and several other emotions. During a stream on 24th January, LosPollos was blessed with a $350 dollar donation which to his surprise was an accidental one as the fan originally intended to donate $3.50. Upon backing down from offering a refund he got severe backlash from the community. Later during a stream, he explained his position while defending his decision to not return the fan his money.

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“I’ve been a nice guy about this too many times, I don’t care anymore. It literally says all donations are nonrefundable, what’s up?” “Are you trying to sue, what’s up? I’m sick of this s**t. This literally happened last week.” said LosPollos. Legally speaking, LosPollos is right to deny the refund given the number of stages of confirmation are present during the donation procedure. The statement also indicates the fact that this is not his first rodeo, rather this has happened several times before where he has been generous enough to provide his fans with a refund.

To address the situation in a different way, Pollos will donate $50 to seven lucky subscribers that adds up to a total of $350, the same amount the fan claimed to have accidentally donated. Such accidents take place often, and it is not always right to blast the stream for something he holds little responsibility for, rather than giving him a hard time, donators should take the procedure seriously to avoid any accidental donation in the future.