Ibai banned for nudity on stream

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Prominent Spanish Twitch streamer Ibai has been banned for the third time following an unintentional display of nudity during a live stream.

June 15th saw the Ibai Twitch channel disappear from the face of the platform which indicated a ban following the violation of community guidelines, the reason behind the ban remained undisclosed until Ibai turned to Twitter to publish a statement. According to him, a person flashing his butt during his stream is what got him into trouble with Twitch.

The incident happened in such a way that Ibai couldn’t do anything more than a verbal warning but not before it was too late. Following the display of Nudity, Ibaii’s channel was taken off the Amazon-owned streaming platform on 15th June.

“People have the power to ban you on Twitch,” he Tweeted. “Be careful who you invite to your channels.”

The announcement triggered an outpour of support from fans and the community with a common demand that his channel gets reinstated. 3rd ban usually means that the streamers lose the account permanently which may very well be in the case of Ibai unless Twitch chooses to let go of it. Now that #FreeIbai is trending on Twitter, it should be enough to get Twitch’s attention.

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