Mobile Apps Every Esports Fan Must Have

Like all sports fans, esports enthusiasts want to stay on top of the happenings of their favorite pastimes. Since you take your smartphone with you everywhere, downloading a few apps can help you track news, events, and stats on the best players in the world. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of some of the best apps for esports lovers.


If you’re an esports fan, it probably goes without saying that Twitch is an indispensable app. From top-tier tournaments to smaller events, the app streams just about everything. Although many are debating whether esports should be considered a real sport, online betting has become increasingly popular among its followers.

Betting on esports works the same as traditional sports and is a way for fans to participate in these events from afar. Similarly, Twitch allows esports lovers to have a personalized experience, allowing them to interact with and gain insights from the best.

eForce Esports

As more countries recognize esports as a sport, it seems like there’s always an event taking place. The eForce Esports app delivers all of the information you need to your mobile device, so you don’t have to look elsewhere to keep up with what’s going on with the sport. 

It has a clean, easy-to-navigate interface that makes it easy to find event listings, news, and scores. You can access its calendar to find out what’s taking place each day of the year. Plus, its news section delivers real-time updates from around the esports world. 

Under the tournament heading, you can browse upcoming events and participating teams. It also has a comprehensive search tool to help you find information on specific players, teams, and events. 


YouTube is home to one of the biggest names in esports, and the company is a destination for gamers around the world looking for tips on tricks to improve their gaming skills. Gaming is such a big part of the platform that the company celebrated when Minecraft reached one trillion views, the first game to ever achieve that feat. 

With thousands of content creators, YouTube has a thriving esports community and is a one-stop shop for everything gaming. While Twitch is the place to go for live streaming of esports events, YouTube stands out for its video-on-demand platform, which allows fans to watch tournaments after they’ve aired. 

Strafe Esports

Browse this app’s archives, and you’ll quickly notice it’s not a new arrival to the esports party. As one of the first apps to provide comprehensive coverage of the sport, Strafe Esports shines when it comes to letting users customize their experience. 

Whether you’re a fan of League of Legends or Dota 2 is more your speed; the app lets you choose your favorite esports games, teams, and players as part of the registration process. The app uses all of this information to tailor your experience and recommend tournaments and other events to you. 


As one of the world’s largest esports leagues, most fans will want to download the ESL app to their phone. It provides in-depth information on events and makes it easy to find upcoming tournaments. ESL hosts events in countries around the world across multiple gaming genres and the app is regularly updated with the latest news on these competitions.

It’s user-friendly and a simple way to track when and where events are being held. If you live close to an ESL event, you can use the app to find ticketing information. Finally, you can also use it to find team information and track tournament practice and scoring. 

Upcomer Esports

Upcomer Esports has made a name for itself within the esports space. It features one of the best game-tracking systems available and has an intuitive interface that makes it a pleasure to use. 

You’ll find information on tournaments, real-time scores, and the latest gaming news within the app. When you get started, you can personalize your experience by setting your favorite games and teams. It also has a bracket system that makes it easy to visualize tournaments as they unfold or look at how past competitions played out.