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Jett Can Survive Spike Explosions in Valorant’s New Map Abyss: Here Is How

Discover a new Jett trick on Valorant's Abyss map that allows her to use Updraft to dodge spike explosions and survive seemingly impossible situations. This guide breaks down the technique and explains why it's a game-changer for clutch situations.

Valorant Players Find Game-Breaking Exploits on New Map Abyss

The new Valorant map, Abyss, is plagued by exploits that allow players to survive lethal falls and gain an unfair advantage. Discover how these glitches work and why Riot Games needs to address them immediately.

This Neon Buff is ‘Not Intended’ and Will Be Nerfed, Valorant Dev Confirms

The latest Valorant patch brought significant changes, but an unintended Neon buff stole the show. Find out how her aerial accuracy reached new heights and why Riot is scrambling for a fix.

Valorant: How to fix Invalid Access to Memory Location Error

Players have been reporting an Invalid Access to Memory Location error while launching Valorant and Here is all the information we have on how you can potentially fix it.

Riot Makes $15 Million From Valorant Champions Skin Bundle

The Valorant Champions weapon skins collection was introduced to the title to provide fans with a way to support their favourite Valorant teams while...

Valorant: 100 Thieves release nitr0

After spending over a year in Valorant, the former Counter Strike tactician ponders upon a return to Valve’s first person shooter.  Following the transfer of...

Valorant: 100 Thieves release steel, joins T1

T1 on Twitter have announced the addition of Joshua “steel” Nissan to their active Valorant division and would be their new-ingame leader for the...

New Valorant ‘Snowfall’ Skin Bundle Leaked

The much-anticipated Valorant patch 3.12 is just here, and it seems like an upcoming weapon skins bundle has already been leaked by Valorant dataminers. Twitter...

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League of Legends Faker Ahri Bundle is ‘Breaking Consumer Protection Law’, Brazilian Players Claim

Controversy erupts in Brazil as League of Legends players allege Riot Games' new Ahri skin bundle violates consumer protection laws by forcing them to purchase a large bundle instead of individual items.

How to Fix ‘Failed to Download Supervised Settings’ in Fortnite?

If you have been playing Fortnite a lot lately,...

Garena Free Fire Redeem Codes for Today 14th June 2024

Free Fire, the renowned battle royale game, continues to...

Garena Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes for Today 15th June 2024

Free Fire is a very popular battle royale game...