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PUBG Mobile India

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PUBG Mobile YouTuber Paras Official under fire for using racial slurs on Arunachal Pradesh MLA

YouTuber Paras Official came under fire after making insensitive comments on Ninong Ering and Arunachal Pradesh.

PUBG Mobile India expunge their social media

The social media handles of PUBG Mobile are undergoing some changes as a majority of photos and videos uploaded on their Facebook and Instagram...

Battlegrounds Mobile is the new PUBG Mobile for India

A new report suggests that PUBG Mobile India could be potentially renamed to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile India Transitory Timeline & What You Need To Know

PUBG Mobile and its return in India has been one of the most trending topics in the country. The game announced its return during...

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BGIS 2024: हैदराबाद मेट्रो पर विज्ञापन से बढ़ा उत्साह, ग्रैंड फाइनल्स जल्द!

Krafton India ने BGIS 2024 के लिए हैदराबाद मेट्रो पर एक अनोखा विज्ञापन अभियान शुरू किया है, जो टूर्नामेंट के प्रति उत्साह बढ़ा रहा है और ईस्पोर्ट्स की बढ़ती लोकप्रियता को उजागर कर रहा है।

Krafton India Displays BGIS 2024 Ads on Hyderabad Metro

As the hype builds up for the highly anticipated...

2024 LCS Championship Will Be Held At the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles

Riot Games has revealed the venue for the highly anticipated LCS Finals 2024. The YouTube Theater in Los Angeles will be the epicenter of North American LoL esports this September. From September 6th-7th, top teams will clash for the LCS Championship title and a coveted spot at the World Championship. Don't miss this historic event

Riot Games Announces Significant Overhaul to Valorant Game Changers Ecosystem

The Valorant Game Changers (GC) ecosystem is receiving a major overhaul! Riot Games is paving the way for GC players to reach the top tiers of Valorant esports with exciting new changes. Dive in to discover how Premier access, automatic qualifiers, lifted restrictions, and mixed-gender tournaments are shaking things up!

PUBG Mobile Name Generator 2024: एक स्टाइलिश नाम पाएं

अपने PUBG Mobile खाते के लिए सही नाम चुनना...