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How Online Gaming Took Over the World

You don’t need to look very far to see the extent of online gaming’s popularity. Turn on the television, and you’ll see adverts for...

Who are the biggest esports teams in Pennsylvania?

With esports teams popping up all over the country, it’s no surprise to see professional gaming being taken more seriously now than ever before....

Should Esports be considered a sport in 2023

In recent years, esports has become a rapidly growing industry, with millions of players and viewers worldwide highly invested in their favorite teams and...

Scam 1992 Lead Cast collaborates with Total Gaming to play Free Fire

Total Gaming collaborated with the cast of "Scam 1992 - The Harshad Mehta Story" to play Free Fire and discuss their experiences about the series.

PUBG Mobile India website displays APK download button: Real Or Fake?

As the game is about to be re-launched in India, though insignificant, the developers of PUBG Mobile are going through the minute details as you...

#PUBGIndia roaring on Twitter as PUBG Mobile India community awaits comeback

PUBG fans in India made the phrase 'PUBGINDIA' trend at number two on Twitter as per Indian trends.

Despite retirement, ScreaM tops headshot charts in CSGO

They’re still talking about his one taps.

PUBG Mobile India ‘APK Download’ Button Briefly Appeared For Some Users On Friday

PUBG Mobile India is working on its website as the game is likely to be re-launched in the near future.

PUBG Mobile pre-register taken down from TapTap

PUBG Mobile India pre-register tab on TapTap app store now displays a message 'unavailable'.

New Zealand CSGO Fan Creates Weapon Skins Based On Hindu Mythology

The collection contains skins for the MAG7, USP-S, AWP, and MP5.

Fan recreates gumball machine themed PP Bizon skin in CSGO

Fan recreates gumball machine themed PP Bizon skin in CSGO

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Krafton and TalkEsport Brings BGMI Ki Boli Giveaway: Win 5000 UC and Royale Passes

Krafton recently announced the 'BGMI Ki Boli' contest, which...

Kyedae has successfully completed her chemotherapy

Popular Valorant content creator Kyedae has confirmed that chemotherapy...