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The “Esports News” category on TalkEsport.com features a variety of articles covering recent developments in the esports world. Some of the latest articles include updates on the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, changes in the Counter-Strike scene, and news about the Valorant Team Deathmatch Map ‘Drift’. This section provides insights into various esports events, player movements, and game updates​​.

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How the Metaverse Will Transform Esports

Esports is undergoing a significant transformation as technology advances. This development creates new ways of experiencing and interacting in competitive gaming, with the metaverse...

PUBG Guide For Beginners: Easy Tips And Tricks For Playing The Game

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is a highly popular game among this generation. It is a multiplayer online game where multiple players divided...

Beginners Guide to Creating the Perfect Gaming Computer

Building your gaming computer is an exhilarating journey that opens the door to a world of immersive gaming experiences. Whether you're an experienced gamer...

PUBG Mobile Indian version APK download link is fake

PUBG Mobile India is not officially released and still it's fake counterparts have surfaced on the internet.

RowdyRogan’s family confirms Warzone ban was staged

RowdyRogan's fake tweet suggesting a ban from Warzone was orchestrated by his family for reasons recently disclosed in a YouTube video. The...

New Game Breaking Bug Found By COD Warzone Players

The game-breaking bug causes Warzone matches to randomly crash in the middle of games.

Valorant player discovers Sova audio bug

Now you can become 'The Hunter' in Valorant without actually becoming one with a recently surfaced Sova audio bug. A bug has come to light...

[WATCH] The Game Awards 2020 Live Stream

The Game Awards 2020 Live Stream - https://youtu.be/zWz6v-UAs8Q Click here to watch it on YouTube.

PUBG Mobile Indian details: clothes, bloodstains and more

PUBG Mobile India is going to be an entirely new game for the country and with a new client, there are some changes that are coming...

US Senator Proposes Prison Time For Twitch Streamers Broadcasting Copyrighted Material

The proposed bill could mean prison time for Twitch streamers receiving repeated DMCA strikes.

Alinity and 100 Thieves’ The Mob Engage in Heated Twitter Feud

Streamer and content creator Alinity has been involved with a bunch of controversies in the past, the most notable of which is the time...

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Valve Cracks Down on Fake Helldivers 2 Listings with Refunds and Bans

Recently, counterfeit developers exploited the Steam platform by listing...

Where to Find Pandora’s Box in Fortnite?

Pandora's Box has captured the imagination of Fortnite players...

Team Heretics Benches Perkz for LEC 2024 Spring: Reports

Team Heretics has made a significant roster change by...

What is the Twitch Meta: Decoding Trends and Controversies

Twitch, the popular live-streaming platform, has been a breeding...

How to Complete Lewandowski La Liga POTM SBC?

The announcement of the La Liga Player of the...