In a bid to capitalize on the booming industry of Esports several schools and colleges across US and UK have started to offer programs and degrees for skilled professionals. The main aim of these is to make individuals esports ready and to further improve their skills.

Across the global the emergence of esports as market leader is clearly visible. In Asia alone the market has expanded more than any other industry and is still showing strong growth. Several schools in Singapore and China were already offering courses related to Esports for years, and with continuous rise in popularity of these programs other schools and colleges have also debuted esports courses.
In US alone more than 100 schools are on their way to add esports to their curriculum by launching dedicated esports programs. Many retired professionals from the industry have also joined the ranks of teachers and are offering their experiences with students. Chichester University in UK have hired Rams Singh, a former pro gamer also known as R2K, as a senior lecturer for esports programs which includes playing games such as FIFA and League of Legends.

Last year, the University of Staffordshire in UK, launched bachelor’s and master’s esports programs, in which students were taught about marketing and management skills tailored specifically for esports industry. This year they plan to expand the programs to London. Similarly, several schools in London have also debuted esports study programs.

Several Colleges in US have also started to treat the Esports similar to traditional Sports and are offering scholarships to top players to entice them to join their colleges, a privilege that was only offered to top sports athletes.

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