Popular twitch streamer, Dr Disrespect, has allegedly been banned by Twitch for broadcasting E3 live from inside the event bathrooms. Rod Breslau aka Slasher tweeted about the news on Tuesday evening with a snippet from the live stream showing the camera man filming people using urinals.

As the news broke, Twitch immediately suspended Dr Disrespect’s account and took down the stream. Later Twitch banned Dr Disrespect for violating the Community Guidelines and Terms and Services and also revoked his E3 badge.

E3 is one of the biggest gaming events that is held every year in USA with many big Publishers and Developers coming up to showcase their upcoming games and/or gaming hardware. The E3 event is prestigious and twitch only selects a few of streamers to actually visit the venue and cover the event officially.

Dr Disrespect was one of the selected few. E3 was Disrespects first-ever IRL streams and first onsite E3 cover. According to news, Dr Disrespect on Tuesday, walked into men’s washroom with his cameraman still live and streaming Dr Disrespect. Disrespect was strolling in men’s washroom and shouting “bodyguard” at the attendees.

Not long after, Dr Disrespect’s twitch account was suspended and all the clips were taken down or deleted from Twitch. Disrespect’s account is currently inaccessible on Twitch. His actions fall directly under Twitch’s Community guidelines which forbids people from streaming illegal acts, and filming people in a public/private place without consent also filming in the bathroom is likely a violation of California’s “invasion of privacy” law also. Banning him for this behaviour was expected action from Twitch and many streamers also confirmed and applauded swift action by Twitch.


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