Valve has shipped 28.3 MB (36.6 MB for Linux) update which will significantly improve the performance on low spec systems. The update has reduced ‘memory footprints’ of some character models which will actually lead to lesser VRAM usage.

It means if your VRAM was earlier exhausted, you will get have significant frames per second (FPS) boost.

This update brings in a minor change in Danger Zone as breach charges will get detached when the hostage is picked up.

Valve has enabled event panel for Perfect World users in China. However, the event panel was earlier revealed in 15/05/2019 update for rest of the world.

Released Notes for 10/06/2019:

– Reduced memory footprint of some character model materials.
– Breach charges attached to hostages fall off when the hostage is picked up in Danger Zone.

– Enabled the Events panel for Perfect World CS:GO players.

This update also brings a small change to the text message displayed when a player is convicted using hacks and receives the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) ban.