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Krafton might be transferring BGMI data to new servers

Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India BGMI is currently facing a ban order in the country as its entire distribution network is hampered.

Amidst this blockage, new leaks suggest that the game might be returning in India with some changes that includes a major data porting from the existing servers to a newer one.

An esports news page named Enews Boy recently posted a video leak on the page stating that the game is coming back. The caption posted along with the clip mentions that when a test account was created in the blocked BGMI game, it was said that the account was transferred to “new Battlegrounds Mobile India App.”

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BGMI was banned in India for not providing adequate user privacy and having allegations about links with China. The developers were given a time frame of 15 days to prove their innocence but no updates have been provided by either side yet. The government did not officially state that the game is banned but several efforts are made to keep the game out of the market.

Players are having issues while accessing the game servers as the blockage issued is under the IT Act 69(A), making it mandatory for service providers to block applications mandated by the government.

Due to this, reaching the BGMI servers has been a minor issue for many, and when Enews Boy tried to make a new account, they were served with a notification informing them about the data transfer.

The video also highlights that the skins are still visible despite the account being in a new condition. The in-game popularity count has been reset and this might be an indication that BGMI data could be shifted to newer servers, allowing the game to come back in a different form as per the post.

The credibility of this information is not verified by TalkEsport yet, but this could potentially be a leak of an upcoming announcement. Stay tuned to get more information regarding this matter.

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