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Is Izou Dead? One Piece Wano Arc Aftermath Explained

The Wano Arc left many questions unanswered, especially regarding Izou's fate. Explore the events and implications surrounding this fan-favorite character.

Top 10 Anime Series: But With Bad Animation

Anime has the power to transport viewers to fantastical worlds, tell gripping tales, and introduce memorable characters. However, sometimes even the most captivating stories...

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IShowSpeed’s Ex-girlfriend Reveals a Surprising Fact About Their Relationship

Rumors are swirling around streaming giant IShowSpeed and TikToker Amy Flam. While their interactions were initially perceived as content, Flam recently revealed a deeper story, suggesting genuine feelings and uncertainty surrounding Speed's intentions.

Don Toliver x Fortnite Collab: Release Date, Leaks & What to Expect

Fortnite is at it again with another exciting collaboration, this time with musical artist Don Toliver! Rumors are swirling about a custom Creative map called "Hardstone" and a potential release date in June. Read on to learn more about this exciting crossover event.

CS2 Community Expresses Mixed Reactions Over Cheating Issues

Counter-Strike 2 launched with high hopes, but many players are claiming the cheating situation is worse than in CSGO. Will Valve address these concerns with a new anti-cheat system?

40-Year-Old YouTuber Dies in Accident

Beloved YouTuber and comic book enthusiast Ben Potter, known online as Comicstorian, tragically passed away on June 8th, 2024, at the age of 40. His wife, Nathalie Potter, shared the news with fans, leaving the community in mourning.

When Is Counter-Strike’s Birthday?

As Counter-Strike approaches its 25th anniversary, fans are eager to see if Valve has anything special planned for CS2. Could a celebratory event, a new Operation, or a surprise update be on the horizon?