Esports market research

The global eSports market is at peak, companies are investing and gamers are participating. Everything is going into the right direction. The prize-pool distributed across the whole eSports industry amounted to $65 million in the year 2015. According to the marketing and research intelligence companies like Newzoo and SuperData, the enormous growth recorded to be gradually growing at a healthy and steady rate.

Everyday when people tend to recognize the word eSports and discus the market size, the figures are in billions and time period in not more than couple of years from now.

Esports market research

Reporting and analysis are the business tools to determine the status of the industry and market size. Earlier, when PwC reported the massive revenue potential in the Esports industry which was over $500 million, market strategists and researchers were given an opportunity to reconcile the factual figures to assure the enormous developing industry to the masses.

“Esports is reaching some kind of tipping point.” “eSports: Bigger and smaller than you think”

Deloitte’s Director of research in Technology and Media, Duncan Stewart called eSports market research as “all over the place”,they also added “esports advocates overestimate the current market size” which was definitely a blow to the industry with millions of fan followings and billions of content on the frontline.

Up until now, it’s been only a couple of pages. But what if the Big Four really start digging into esports? Chris Lederer, who was involved in the creation of the PwC report, stated that

“Large professional service companies are now covering, talking and consulting on the esports business. Lots of global players start to enter. We hear our own clients talk about it. I would say it makes a story.”

Is it the beginning of the “Big Four of esports”? It very well could be. For smaller-scale specialists like Newzoo and SuperData, it means a remarkable amount of competition. There is no comfort zone anymore; there is no guaranteed publicity.

KPMG, E&Y, Deloitte and pwc might enter into Esports market research

Esports is an extremely one of a kind business sector, however. Brands from more conventional organizations happen to commit a considerable measure of errors when they first enter the stage. Just as of late, it was Bud Light’s crusade declaration that left us with only destructive weariness. Also, the same is valid for PwC’s and Deloitte’s reports. Rather than truly sparkling a light available, both organizations viewed themselves as fulfilled by an exhausting wrap up of what was—pretty much—definitely known.

Indeed, Deloitte shook things up a little with their theory of esports being “greater and littler than you might suspect.” And yes, PwC’s study which asserted that a bigger number of ladies are included in esports than men was useful for a ton of features. Be that as it may, in the more noteworthy plan of things, both reports scarcely touched the most superficial layer.

That doesn’t imply that one of the Big Four wouldn’t be fit for understanding a strong esports study. Deloitte and PwC utilize somewhere in the range of 200,000 experts around the world. Both create income of more than $30 billion every year. It would lift esports statistical surveying to another level. It would be a distinct advantage simply like when previous NBA player Rick Fox purchased a spot in the LCS, ESPN established an esports vertical, or TBS reported their own particular League.

In the standard keep running of things, developing specialty markets—which have been ruled by expert organizations until then—as soon as possible pull in the huge cash. All of a sudden, since quite a while ago settled brands enter the space and claim their domain. Whether it’s expert groups, media associations, or business sector knowledge organizations, the pattern is self-evident: huge fish eat little fish.