As you all would be aware Liam ‘sundzinho’ Reeves passed away on Friday night. Liam was a contributing member of this community who at one stage played in the highest division we have to offer. With the sad passing of man so young we will be running a remembrance ODC with the proceeds going to support the family with any costs that they may need.


If you are not participating and you would like to donate you can do so here:

Date: Sunday 14th 2016

Amount of teams: 32 first in best dressed
Format: The format will be single elimination with the round of 32 and round of 16 following a best of one format. From the round of 8 onwards the tournament will be best of three until a winner is determined.

Round of 32: 10am – 11am
Round of 16: 11am – 12pm

Lunch Break from 12pm to 1pm

Round of 8: 1pm – 3pm
Semi finals: 3pm – 6pm
Grand Final: 7pm

Map Pool:

De_Dust 2

Veto System bo1
We will use standard CG BO1 veto rules, if you are yet to use it or don’t understand how a bo1 veto works, the process is as followed:

Low seed remove map
High seed remove map
Low seed remove map
High seed remove map
Low seed remove map
High seed remove map
Remainder played.

The competition will run under the CyberGamer CSGO Ladder Rules.Ensure all your players have read our rules.

Entry Fee: $20 per team

The ODC will be run through the tournament system the first 32 teams who sign up and pay will compete. A link will be created shortly.

Team can now register here:


1st: 5 x Steelseries Siberia Headsets
2nd: 5 x Steelseries Rival 300 Mice
3rd: 5 x Steelseries Qck+ Mousepads

A big thank you to Team Immunity and Steelseries for getting on board and donating the prizes.

Gameplay info

  • Each player must run EAC for their matches. You can get the EAC client via steam.
  • Captains may request RCON from a member of the admin team. ALL RCON ACCESS IS LOGGED, MISUSE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.
  • Each member must record a PoV demo. Failure to record a PoV will result in penalties.
  • Once you have your server details matches are to start within 10minutes by .r for Ko3. THERE ARE NO EXTENSIONS OR RESCHEDULES.
  • All matches are to be played out and standard CG overtime applies, every match must have a winner and there is to be no ties.
  • Anyone caught using players not on their roster will have their match forfeited immediately.
  • Any player added to the roster after the 06/02 will be considered ineligible. In the event of an emergency last minute standins may be possible and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • All players are requested to vacate the server within 2 minutes of the match completion. Penalties will be issued for keeping servers tied up needlessly

For support on the day and leading up to the competition, contact any of the following people: Brucy, Defcon, Xtreme_MC, Straxxmorz