So video games make you Violent? The more you play, the conspiracy in your brain looks even hotter. The equipment and rifles you use in-game perpetuate you into becoming a real life Terrorist? Or even a third-grade psycho to say the least?

The online gaming is surely a place where your patience is tested, but that doesn’t reflect the psychology of the millions out there. You faced a rage today, maybe it was a bad day for you. Two days, and you could blame a region. The third day, you could say you have internet issues. The fourth day proves you are the RAGER. So maybe, people are agitated to play with you and not the other way round.

Not all whom you rage at are passing their time on the game or practicing the game for upcoming events. There are some, who chose to play the game only for the sake of forgetting the reality of their life for a little while. And they are NOT entitled to your impatient behavior and infuriating rage. Such is a story of a Redditor I came across this evening and it hurt me.

It made me sad thinking about the players online who don’t think twice before insulting the fellow mates in-game. Without even knowing the face behind the models or the reality behind, people lose their shit. They lose their shit for reasons as tiny as “you blocked my way” and most commonly “you baited me.”

What’s your excuse to rage?


What even more disgusting is these type of ragers are found on every server you are attached to. Maybe, the probability of you getting attached to in a server is higher. Or maybe, the number of ragers have actually been multiplied by quite a lot of figures.

If you are hellbent on your ownership on everybody who plays on the same server as you, and if you don’t feel the guilt after abusing your fellow mates for no good reason. I hope that this confession below from a player who is a brain cancer patient might as well mold your rock solid attitude.

Hey there guys, ~4 months ago I submitted a post about me having a brain tumor. I talked about how it was benign and all was well. Just last month that diagnoses changed and they’ve concluded it’s Stage 3 Brain cancer. Although that sucks, it’s not the point of this post. My point is the CS:GO and its community are actually what helps me pull through it all. It’s easy to forget normal life and what’s wrong in it when you’re so focused and enthralled by a match. Reading posts on here while im in the doctors keeps my distracted. The community as a whole just keeps me captivated and happy enough to help me forget about life for just a little while. Despite all of the toxic players and drama that really does go on, the CS:GO community is actually pretty awesome and it does change lives. Shawn (witmer) and I are still in contact and he and I have become close friends. it just comes to show what friendships and bonds a simple game can give. You guys are awesome. Thank you all.

Edit: I’m sorry if I don’t reply to your comments. It’s hard to get to them all. Thank you guys for the amazing support. This is exactly what I was talking about!


Introspect your day, think twice before abusing someone blatantly. Know more about the guy at the receiving end of it. Maybe your cancer is killing them more than their disease.