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xQc Subathon Is Happening Soon

Felix “xQc” Lengyel has long expressed interest in doing extended marathon streams or as the kids like to call it “subathons,” in which viewers can prolong the duration of his live streams by purchasing additional subs on his channel.

Subathons are long and exhausting but rewarding if one can stick it out till the end. xQc fans have begged him for a subathon given how rewarding it has been for a few content creators in recent times. While he has publicly shown interest in doing it, he never managed to come around to start one.

“I’m probably gonna have to do some event, like a scuffed subathon for sure soon. The reality is I’m behind on my hours by a long shot. It’s good content, and [it’ll catch me up on hours],” said xQc.

“It would have to at least be a whole month subathon. It’s a lot. I’m not baiting, I literally will have to do it.” he added.

While he promises to make it happen, we do not know when exactly it is happening. Knowing the Juicer, we might see some more procrastination before he announces his first subathon on Kick but it will exciting for sure when does it.

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