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xQc’s Spotify Wrapped Reveals His Troubled Love Life in a Nutshell

Spotify wrapped is a great way to summarize your music interests for the year and beyond and content creators use this opportunity to share their own on live streaming platforms. Spotify Wrapped is fun to explore, it houses your favorite songs, listening hours, and favorite artists and it might include some of your guilty pleasures.

xQc for one decided to livestream his Spotify Wrapped and got subjected to countless trolls and taunts. While music is incredibly subjective, we tend to associate certain songs with a particular feeling which gets generalized over time. The music you listen to reveals a lot about your state of mind which might not be a pleasant thing as was the case for xQc.

xQc’s most played song for the year was the Blink 182’s 2003 hit “I Miss You”. As the name suggests, the song takes a dive through the mind of a person who is going through a difficult time post-fallout from a loving relationship. It is arguably one of the most recognizable post-breakup songs on the face of this planet.

For context, xQc had a very public fallout with Adept in 2023 which was subject to a lot of media and public attention. The pair went back and forth with each other and it was clear that there was no love left by the time they officially separated but now xQc’s most played song “I Miss You” which he listened to 207 times this year, insinuates something else.

When the song played on screen, the chat quickly burst out with comments like “emo”, “pain”, “sad” suggesting that he may not have moved on from Adept and a part of him still wants to be back with her.

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