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xQc Defends Kick From Ex-employees Allegations

xQc Dismisses Accusations, Was Kick Really in the Wrong?

xQc defended Kick after a former employee of the streaming platform accused them of having a hostile work environment and taking advantage of the streamer’s health conditions to sign them at a lower cost.

On June 17, Melissa, a former employee of Kick, posted a video on YouTube that exposed the platform’s staff members. She stated in the video that the “extremely hostile” work atmosphere was the reason she left the organization.

“There was a consistent disrespect to other people’s opinions and beliefs. This went as far as consistently hearing the F-slur and not only just in gist as a joke, it was specifically targeted towards people it was supposed to discriminate against,” she said.

She further revealed Kick allegedly attempted to sign a well-known streamer for less money by using their fight against cancer as a negotiating tactic. Community members took no time to tie the “well-known streamer” to Kyedae.

“I asked, and there was no communication to Kyedae from Kick or Stake. I even sent people to investigate if Kick ever said anything to Kyedae and I didn’t get anything,” said xQc defending the platform.

As the story continues to develop, the former employee was unable to provide any proof and might be looking at a defamation lawsuit after taking such a public stand against the organization.

xQc is closely associated with Kick and while many would believe that he has obvious reasons to defend the platform. He has assured his viewers that he shares nothing but the truth on this topic.

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