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Will MrBeast Run for President?

From Viral Videos to the Oval Office?

MrBeast is the biggest YouTuber on the face of the planet right now. Given the increase in his popularity, he has become a household name in the US and beyond which has put him in an excellent position to run for President should the minimum age limit be lowered.

MrBeast is known for his philanthropy and has expressed his interest in running for President. His popularity among the masses would make him a serious contender for president but being a 26-year-old, the minimum age criteria of 35 is coming between him and his candidacy.

“If we lower the age to run for President I’ll jump in the race,”  he said.

Being a president might sound interesting to his fans but a momentous responsivity like that will take MrBeast away from YouTube. Taking charge of the Oval Office is no joke and even though MrBeast knows everything about giving back, we have to wait a decade to find out if he will act on it.

The 2024 US elections are going to be an extremely important one in modern history given the ongoing economic meltdown. With Joe Biden primed to keep his Chair, it is unlikely that MrBeast will fare a chance against the more seasoned veterans. Biden has faced his fair share of criticism which has put his opposition in better positions even though he might win comfortably.

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